Conveyor Chain Special Attachment Function:

Conveyor chain special attachments extend the capabilities of standard roller conveyor chains. They provide features beyond simple product transport, allowing for:

  • Product Support and Orientation: Attachments like cradles, pockets, or hooks can securely hold and position products during conveying.
  • Product Manipulation: Plows, scraper blades, or diverters can be used to push, sort, or redirect products on the conveyor.
  • Interaction with Other Equipment: Sprockets or custom attachments can interface with other machines within the production line.
  • Specialized Conveying Needs: Unique attachments can be designed for specific tasks like hanging garments, accumulating products, or elevating them to different levels.

Types of Conveyor Chain Special Attachments:

The vast array of special attachments can be broadly categorized by their function:

  • Attachment Links: These include extended pin links, U-shaped links, and others that provide a base for adding various attachments.
  • Product Support Attachments: These encompass cradles, pockets, shelves, and hooks for holding and orienting products.
  • Product Manipulation Attachments: Plows, scraper blades, diverters, and lifters are used for pushing, sorting, or elevating products on the conveyor.
  • Specialized Attachments: Custom-designed attachments cater to specific conveying tasks within an industry.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Conveyor Chain Special Attachments:

  • Conveyor Function: Identify the specific task the attachment needs to perform (e.g., product hanging, sorting, etc.).
  • Product Characteristics: The weight, size, and shape of the products will influence the attachment design and chain capacity.
  • Conveyor Speed and Layout: The attachment’s suitability for the conveyor’s speed and any curves or inclines.
  • Material: Standard steel, stainless steel, or other materials depending on the environment and product contact.

Benefits of Using Conveyor Chain Special Attachments:

  • Increased Conveyor Versatility: Handle a wider range of products and applications with a single conveyor system.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automate product handling tasks, reducing manual labor and improving throughput.
  • Improved Product Control: Securely support and precisely position products during conveying.
  • Customized Solutions: Address specific conveying challenges with tailor-made attachments.

By incorporating conveyor chain special attachments, you can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your conveyor systems, enabling them to adapt to diverse product handling requirements within your operation.