The double-pitch conveyor chain is similar to a standard roller chain, except the pitch is twice that of a standard roller chain. These chains weigh less and are lower in cost than standard roller chains of the same strength. They are ideal for slow and moderate-speed applications, mainly when shaft centers are relatively long. There are two types of double-pitch conveyor roller chains. The transmission type has figure-eight-shaped link plates. The conveyor type has straight-edged link plates and isis available with standard rollers or oversized carrier rollers. Conveyor series chains with 1.5” pitch and larger are constructed with heavy series.

Double-pitch conveyor chains are available in C2000 (standard roller) and C2002 (large roller) series. 1 1/2″ pitch and larger chains utilize heavy style link pates (i.e., one size larger than a standard chain). The chain number is found by adding 2,000 or 2002 to the standard chains and using the prefix “C.” An “H” suffix is added to chains with heavy-style link plates. For example, 60 double pitch conveyor series (1 1/2″) is designed C2060H.

Features of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

(1) double pitch conveyor chain conforms to ISO 1275, ASME B29.100, DIN 8181 and JIS B1803.
(2) The pitch of double pitch conveyor chain is twice that of short-pitch precision roller chain, and the other interchangeability dimensions are the same. The tensile strength and hinge supporting area of the double pitch conveyor chain is the same as those of the corresponding short pitch precision roller chain.
(3) Compared with short pitch precision roller chain, double pitch conveyor chain is lighter in weight, and is suitable for occasions with lower speed and longer transmission center distance.

Processing of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened & Tempered Steel, Cast Iron, and so on.
  • Process: Forging, Cutting, Hobbing, lathe machining.
  • Heat treatment: Hardening and Tempering, High-Frequency Quenching, and so on.
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanizing/Zinc Plating, Dacrotized, Black Anodic treatment.
  • Inspection: All items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that the best quality product goes out on the market.

Sprockets For Double Pitch Conveyor Chain

When using a double-pitch conveyor chain, it is highly recommended, if not required to use a double-pitch conveyor chain sprocket. This is because double-pitch sprockets are manufactured with a unique tooth profile that allows the roller to properly seat and engage with the teeth of the sprocket. The double-pitch sprockets tooth profile is slightly deeper and cuts differently to accept the double-pitch chain roller fully. If using a standard sprocket, failure to engage will result in chain jumping and excessive wear. Something important to note is that with chain sizes C2040, C2050, C2060, C2060H, C2080H, C2100H, C2120H, and C2160H when the tooth count is 31 or more you can use a standard roller chain sprocket. This rule does not apply to carrier roller style chains where the roller diameter exceeds the sidebar height; these chain sizes include C2042, C2052, C2062, C2062H, C2082H, C2102H, C2122H, and C2162H.

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