Escalator Chain

An escalator chain is a chain used in escalators to move people up and down. They are commonly used in subways, high-speed railways, airports, supermarkets, and high-end shopping malls. These escalator chains have special structural designs and manufacturing technologies that make them ideal for these applications.

Escalator Chain Features

The escalator chain has three main features: the top surface, curved sections, and return gears. These features help prevent accidents and ensure passenger safety. The steps must bend at the correct angle to travel around bends in curved sections. The steps should also be channeled in the direction of movement to avoid tripping and falling.

Escalator step chains are made from steel or aluminum and attach to the steps of the escalator. Escalator chain features vary according to the model. Some escalator chains have smooth treads, while others have cleated treads. Escalators with cleated treads are known as cleated escalators.

The escalator chain features are a crucial factor in determining the life of the escalator chain. A high-quality escalator chain should be able to withstand heavy loads while keeping maintenance costs low. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your escalator chain is in good condition and will continue to be reliable for decades to come.

Escalator Chain

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