A kwikstage scaffolding system is a heavy-duty, multifunctional system scaffolding that is quick and easy to disassemble, strong in load capacity, and high in safety. The kwikstage scaffolding standard connection node is four triangular irons made of high-strength steel stamping. It is automatically welded to the steel pipe through a particular fixture.

The Kwikstage scaffolding crossbar’s two ends are welded with triangular iron buckle plugs with inserts. The crossbar plug has an extensive contact range with the pole steel pipe and has a two-way locking function. It can effectively improve the overall strength and safety of the kwikstage scaffolding system and better meet construction safety needs.

Features of Kwikstage Scaffolding:

(1) Kwikstage is known as Kwikform, a modular system scaffolding with wedge fixing for all access scaffolding requirements.

(2) The wedge fixing of the ledgers and transoms gives a simple and fast means of erecting access scaffolding without loose parts.

(3) Its rigid 4-way fixing gives a favorable location without movement, spigot, and wedge fitting on the standard to provide guaranteed vertical alignment.

(4) This kind of scaffolding system is mainly used in the UK, Australia, and British Commonwealth countries. We can make different designs of this system for other markets. The finish is available for painting, Powder coated, and Hot Dip Galvanized.

(5) Kwikstage scaffolding systems are assembled by Standard(Vertical), Transoms, Return Transoms, Platform Bracket, Ledger(Horizontal), Diagonal Braces, Steel Planks, Tie Bars, Ladder Access Transom, etc.