Frame scaffolding is one of the most common types of scaffolding seen on construction sites. Typically manufactured from round tubing, the frame scaffolding is available. The typical method of constructing frame scaffolding uses two sections of the scaffold frame connected by two crossed sections of support poles arranged in a square configuration. Pins rising out of the corner poles of a team of frame scaffolding fit into recesses in the bottom of the corner poles of the section, stacked onto the lower area. Pin clips are placed through the connection to prevent the cells from coming apart. Boards or aluminum deck planks are placed across the completed frame scaffolding sections. The Frame system is divided into an H frame and a walkthrough frame and is mainly composed of a mainframe, cross brace, catwalk, and base jack. It can be used not only for internal and external scaffolding in construction but also for supporting bridges or simple moving scaffolding.

Advantages of the frame system:
1. A variety of models are available. We can provide a ladder frame and walkthrough, light and heavy-duty, regular frame, and American frame.
2. Easy to build. The frame is mainly connected by a locking pin, which will be very quick and convenient.
3. Safe and reliable. The frame system connections form a system that ensures safety and stability.