The SP series roller chain is a type of agricultural roller chain designed for high strength and short pitch applications in the demanding world of farm equipment. Here’s a breakdown of what makes them suitable for agricultural machinery:

Key features of SP Series Agricultural Roller Chains:

  • High Strength: These chains are built to endure the heavy loads common in agricultural machinery, such as those used for conveying crops, operating tillage tools, or powering various attachments. They are often made from high-quality alloy steel and undergo processes like carburization for added durability.
  • Short Pitch: The short pitch design, meaning a smaller distance between chain links, provides smooth operation and precise movement. This is crucial for applications where exact positioning is required, such as operating planting equipment or driving combine harvesters.
  • Durability: Manufacturers design SP series chains to withstand harsh agricultural environments that include dirt, dust, moisture, and occasional contact with chemicals. Special coatings or the use of stainless steel enhance their resistance to corrosion.

Applications of SP Series Agricultural Roller Chains:

  • Combine Harvesters: Driving components and conveying harvested crops.
  • Planting Equipment: Powering seed drills and planters for precise seed placement.
  • Tillage Tools: Operating plows, cultivators, and harrows for efficient soil preparation.
  • Hay and Forage Equipment: Driving mowers, rakes, and balers for hay and forage harvesting.
  • Material Handling Equipment: Conveying grain, feed, and other agricultural materials.

When selecting an SP series chain, consider these factors:

  • Size and pitch: The chain size (width) and pitch (distance between links) should match the sprockets it will be running on for proper operation.
  • Breaking strength: Choose a chain with a breaking strength exceeding the maximum load it will experience in your application.
  • Material: Standard steel or stainless steel options are available depending on the environment and corrosion resistance needs.

By selecting the appropriate SP series agricultural roller chain, you can ensure reliable performance and extended service life for your agricultural equipment.

Agricultural Chain Manufacturer

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Agricultural Chain Suppliers
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Agricultural Chains is primarily used as a part of the mechanical driving of agricultural machine, which has a high-quality requirement. Using the environment is relatively worse, humid, with corrosion and dust. The agricultural chain consists of an inner plate, outer plate, pin, bush, and roller attachment. This chain can be used for wheat, rice, corn, and coconut harvesters and tractors.

Agricultural Chains and Sprockets

Agricultural chains and sprockets have a wide range of applications. They are used in a variety of industries, including the agricultural industry, automobile industry, and steel industry. The chains are manufactured from durable materials, and are available in different sizes, styles, and applications. These products are designed to meet the needs of agricultural machinery users.

The agricultural chains and sprockets are manufactured from high quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy loads. A good quality chain is an important part of an agricultural machine, and it is important to ensure that it is durable and sturdy. The types of chains and sprockets used in the agricultural industry have a number of applications, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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